Ah yes. Who doesn’t love a clean and fresh website? Everything just works, as it should be! For the past few years, I’ve been rocking the same wordpress install and it had its fair share of broken plugins and database errors. I made some poor choices in using plugins and themes (who would’ve thought?) and that ended up causing damage to the website down the line. I had some issues with comments and after spending a few hours trying to diagnose it, I gave in and did a clean install.

If you’re a frequent visitor, you may notice that some of the old posts are re-published. I didn’t want to lose my old content as there were some useful articles there so bear with me while they get re-published.

new plans

I think it’s time to share more interesting things instead of the usual tech articles and tutorials. While they’re useful, I want to share and document some of my projects and discuss topics that affect people in areas of technology (afterall, it is tekbyte)

Let’s do this! ?