If you are someone who uses Safari and uses a mouse that isn’t the Magic Mouse, you may have noticed that Safari doesn’t actually “smooth scroll”. What I mean by this is that Safari doesn’t render scrolling like Chrome, Firefox or Edge but instead, only works well with the Magic Trackpad and the Magic Mouse.

This unfortunately is a bummer as Safari works incredibly well when used across other Apple devices (i.e. iPhone, iPad).

To resolve this first-world problem, I came across a free program called “Mos” which allows you to implement smooth scrolling across all macOS applications.

The result is truly remarkable as it means whenever I scroll in Safari, Xcode and any other application for that matter, the experience is amazing.

I’ve made my scrolling behaviour feel almost like Microsoft’s Edge browser (subjective but I think it feels AMAZING).

My Settings

Here is a quick look at my settings

Just the standard settings, I also use LinearMouse which allows me to have universal back/forwards and this works incredibly well too.

By default, the settings are different but to have it suit my style of scrolling, I am using the values shown. This gives it a very MS Edge-like scrolling experience (which I like).


This is a fully free and open source application and to install it, you can simply run the command below (assuming you have “brew” installed):

brew install mos

I highly suggest also checking the project page for more information on all of the other features it offers.