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Don’t fear the terminal!

I often see the comment being made that “terminals are scary” and you look like a hacker. Thing is, this couldn’t be further from the truth, using the terminal in most cases is a time-saving and generally a simpler approach to computing. Whether it is simple things like updating the […]

Adding SSH Profiles in Windows Terminal

So lately I’ve been using Windows Terminal and I’m impressed by the amount of customisation offered and how well it integrates with MS DOS 10 😉 Let’s say you want to add a SSH profile, so with a hotkey or mouse click, you can immediately SSH into the machine you […]

RPM Fusion + Flathub – Two Repositories You Need On Fedora

So you decided to use the best Linux distribution out there, good choice. 😉 When setting up Fedora for someone whether it is the vanilla Workstation (GNOME) or a spin (KDE, Cinnamon, XFCE, etc.), there are a bunch of things one can do to improve their overall experience. One thing […]

How To Enable exFAT Support on Fedora 31+

So exFAT is a type of file system which improves upon the well known FAT file system. If you ever used FAT before, you’ll know that there is a copy file size limit. So if you have a large USB, you’re better off with NTFS if you’re going to use […]

Make LibreOffice Perform Better in GNOME Wayland (Linux)

Recently I had this problem in LibreOffice Writer where I would scroll and the whole program would just lockup, the only workaround was to wait or resize the window. As it was related to graphics, after looking through the settings, I disabled the “Java runtime environment” and the issue is […]