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I'm a Computer and Networking Engineering student and I like to make and write about things. This is my personal blog where I post tutorials and share things related to technology.
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Mylist is now LIVE!

I’m proud to announce that Mylist is now officially live on the Play Store! It can also be downloaded as a standalone APK file from here. Mylist is a list app designed to be easy to use and stay out of your way. You can create a shopping list, quickly […]

Checkout my Pink Floyd Style Guitar Solo!

I was inspired by a Pink Floyd style backing track with its moving chord progression so I decided to jam with it. Its not perfect but I was impressed by how well it turned out. Since this is a tech blog, the software I used to record audio is Bitwig […]

Improving Thermals on my ThinkPad E480

My ThinkPad E480 has been running a little loud lately and from what I hear (see what I did there? ? ), Lenovo can put poor thermal paste on their laptops. I often run a lot of things at a given time like an IDE, sometimes a VM and the […]

Logitech K780 Long Term Review

A few months ago, I wanted to get a keyboard which felt like the ones on ThinkPads. For a while I used a mechanical keyboard with linear switches which was nice but it was loud and didn’t look that great. I wanted something that’s in-between a TKL and full-size. Those […]

My Awesome Linux Desktop Setup

Ever since I started to use Linux as my operating system, I have used a plethora of desktop environments and tools to get my work done. After experimenting and spending countless hours tweaking, switching desktop environments, distributions and tools, I will share with you my “endgame” desktop setup and maybe […]

How To Show Feedback While Typing Sudo Password in Linux

You’d think it’s trivial that the password feedback would be enabled in the terminal. Recently I found out through this article that I could show the asterisks while when running a command as root. Upon enabling it, I realised how much I actually like the visual feedback, so I decided […]