Since my last post, I have made some more progress on my little habit/goal-tracking app!

Recent changes

To keep things slimline, I started to use Github Issues to prepare future features that won’t be available in the current version (1.0). These include in-app purchases and customisation options.

The app won’t have any ads as the goal here is to publish a useful but simple app to the Apple App Store and do this using Swift Playgrounds. This is easier said than done as now I need to enrol on the Apple Developer Program which is exciting! And of course, submit and hope that my app is approved.

I have also managed to resolve the iPad TabView/NavigationView issue — the app now works perfectly on iPad and iPhone (yay!)

Here is also a sneak-peek at how it looks like to code on a 10.9″ iPad Air 4 😁

iPad Multitasking. Using Playgrounds + Textastic + Working Copy to make this all possible.

I have ironed out a lot of bugs over the past few days as well. Let’s see how the Apple Developer Program goes and also what the experience is like for someone who wants to submit their app to the App Store through Swift Playgrounds.