Setup Your Own Collaborative Office Suite Using Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE! (Word, Spreadsheets, Presentations) – Tutorial

So you want to setup your own office suite because you want to be in control. Thanks to tools like Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE, Collabora Online and other free and open source tools, we can setup system which is free from Google and Microsoft’s vendor lock-in and privacy-invading tactics. In this post, I will show you step by step on how you can setup Nextcloud and ONLYOFFICE all running off your server!

There are two parts to getting the ONLYOFFICE suite running on your server. The client which is what the user connects to and the document server which is the office suite itself. By completing this tutorial, you should expect something like this. You will have access to the ONLYOFFICE word document processor, spreadsheet and presentation tools.



This tutorial assumes you already have a server of some sort all setup and have Nextcloud running, if you have a website and want to setup Nextcloud using your domain name, a tutorial will be posted soon.


  • SSH access to server (or use the built-in file manager of Virtualmin, cPanel, etc.)
  • Have Nextcloud already installed on your server

Installation of ONLYOFFICE

There are two major components to make this office suite work in Nextcloud. One is the client and the other is the document server. Both can be installed directly from the repository of applications found in Nextcloud’s UI. However, one common problem with installing the document server is that the installation will fail because of a timeout setting in Nextcloud. It fails because the suite itself is approximately 300 MB and the timeout is set to 30 seconds, so the workaround is to download it using wget.

So, let’s SSH into the server and navigate to your Nextcloud installation directory and go into the apps folder.

# Typical Nextcloud installation

# Sub domain?

Now we want to download the document server. Here is the package we’re downloading. Scroll down to downloads and note the version. You want to copy the link and go into your SSH session and paste the link. It will download the app in tar.gz archive format, so we will need to extract it as well.

Right click on “0.1.5” (or whatever the version is) and copy it.

You’ll notice it’s a big file, if we did it through the Nextcloud GUI, it would fail due to the default timeout set, which happens to be 30 seconds.

Once downloaded, you want to extract the file. The following command should extract it into a sub-directory.

tar xzvf documentserver_community.tar.gz

Once done, go into Nextcloud and open up the “Apps” tab, this can be found in the top-right by clicking on your avatar. By default, the “Community Document Server” isn’t enabled yet. You want to find it in the list and enable it.

On the same page, click on “Office & Text” in the sidebar and find the “ONLYOFFICE” app/plugin. Download and enable this.

To make sure the connector is setup correctly, we go into our Settings and scroll down in the sidebar and click on “ONLYOFFICE”. The “Document Editing Service address” field should have auto-completed and all you need to do is press “Save”.

Now you should be good to go! Go into your Files and click on the +. You should now see the office suite functions, enjoy!

If you have any questions or are stuck on anything, comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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