How To Enable exFAT Support on Fedora 31+

So exFAT is a type of file system which improves upon the well known FAT file system. If you ever used FAT before, you’ll know that there is a copy file size limit. So if you have a large USB, you’re better off with NTFS if you’re going to use it across many devices and operating systems. Microsoft had released the patent off exFAT which made it available on other platforms.

exFAT is missing when trying to format a USB.


If you’re using Linux Kernel 5.7 or greater, you can ignore this tutorial as exFAT will be included in this revision by default. This guide is for anyone who is using 5.6 or older.


Open up a terminal 😎 and install the package by running following command:

sudo dnf install exfat-utils fuse-exfat

That’s it! Now you can format media with exFAT in Fedora!


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