Getting the Windows 10 style screenshot hotkey in GNOME Shell

Recently, I was using Windows 10 and I was impressed by its revamped screenshot tools. I’ve been a fan of the screenshot feature called “snip & sketch” and the default is simply perfect (super + shift + s). Since I use GNOME day-to-day, I wanted to have a shortcut to popup the GNOME Screenshot tool and give me the option to save it to my clipboard or save it to my computer.

Just a disclaimer, it’s not going to be quite at Windows’ level of polish and animations but it is handy nonetheless.

Firstly, open up your keyboard shortcuts in the Settings. Scroll to the bottom and add a new custom shortcut by clicking on the + icon. For the command part, you want to set it as gnome-screenshot -i this will open up the screenshot tool once the desired hotkey is pressed. I went with super+shift+s. Once done, simply click “Add”.


Now, when you press your hotkey, you should get a gnome-screenshot dialog which is much quicker than typing the application’s name in the overview.

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