Azure GTK Theme Released!

Recently, I came across a tool called Oomox which helps you make GTK themes. I wanted to make a theme that would suite me while being robust enough that elements don’t look out of place.

I present to you the Azure GTK theme pack. It is based off Arc but has better contrast and looks professional without being too boring.

It comes in three flavours:

  • Azure – A light theme with dark titlebars.
  • Azure Dark – The dark version.
  • Azure Pastel – Based on Azure, but uses a darker blue palette.

You can follow the project at GitHub.


To get the latest theme, you can download the theme using git. If you already have git installed, you can install the theme with this one-liner. Simply copy and paste this into your terminal. Once done, go into GNOME Tweaks and pick the theme.

cd /tmp/ && git clone && cd azure-theme && mkdir -p ~/.themes && cp -r Azure* ~/.themes


Azure Theme Screenshot

Azure Dark

Azure Dark Theme Screenshot

Azure Pastel

Azure Pastel Theme Screenshot

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