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Logitech K780 Long Term Review

A few months ago, I wanted to get a keyboard which felt like the ones on ThinkPads. For a while I used a mechanical keyboard with linear switches which was nice but it was loud and didn’t look that great. I wanted something that’s in-between a TKL and full-size. Those 60% mechanical keyboards look nice however I need my arrow and media hotkeys.

After a lot of research, I got the Logitech K780 and since then, I haven’t looked back. Its also quite affordable in comparison to more “premium” keyboards like the MX Keys and Apple Magic Keyboard.

The Logitech K780 looks quite nice. Source

The Feels

I like keyboards and while I haven’t tried out tactile or clicky switches, I’ve went through numerous dome-on-membrane keyboards and various scissor-switch keyboards. I really like typing on my ThinkPad as it has the right amount of tactility while being fairly quiet.

The K780 is just that. It feels absolutely great to type on and it remains quiet. Of course, typing-feel is completely subjective but if you’re into low-profile scissor switches, give this one a go.

Initially I thought the circle keys would be annoying but when I first typed on it, it felt just right. Our fingertips are not squares so having circle keycaps makes sense.

Performance & Functionality

This keyboard supports both the Logitech Unifying receiver and Bluetooth. I’ve used both and they both work flawlessly. I’m also still on the same batteries it came with and for the past few months, its been fine. There is no lag with the receiver being 50cm away from the keyboard. Same goes with bluetooth which I only use with my phone.

As you probably have seen from the images, it has a device tray which can be used to put a tablet, phone or what have you in there. Quite convenient.

Useful keyboard tray!

On some of Logitech’s other offerings, their keyboards come with palm-rests which I dislike. I’ve owned a MK345 which is a combo. The mouse is excellent but the keyboard is noisy and worst part is that its just massive. They really need to make the palm-rests detachable.

The keyboard is also very well built. The backplate accounts to most of its weight as it is quite heavy for a keyboard of this size. It definitely feels premium in the hand and will look great on any desk.


If you’re looking for a quiet, tactile and premium looking keyboard, give the Logitech K780 a go.

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