XFCE is an amazing desktop environment period. Not only does it stay out of the way by being lightweight and robust, but it also can be customised beyond recognition. Unfortunately, there is currently one issue with XFCE and that is screen tearing which can only be fixed with using compton or the Intel tearfree in the configuration file. With enough research, I found that updating XFWM to version 4.13 fixes tearing for good! I have only tested it with Xubuntu 17.10 however it should work with other versions or Debian Stable/Testing/Unstable too.


  1. Download the Debian package from here.
  2. Install it by double clicking on it or through your preferred installer (Software Centre/terminal method/gdebi)
  3. Reboot
  4. Open a terminal and run the command xfwm --version to verify that it is indeed version 4.13

Enjoy tear-free XFCE!