Whether you like it or not, it is sometimes handy to have terminal applications which not only look good but they also come handy when there is no desktop environment or compositor running. There are a handful of IRC clients which are worth using and they all offer a myriad of options, such as irssi, weechat and HexChat. I went with weechat just because that was what I wanted to learn how to use however, if you are want something with a GUI, HexChat is an awesome alternative for those who want to use IRC.

By default, weechat isn’t going to break any design records however it is still very functional. I would recommend that you get yourself familiar with weechat with the plethora of commands it comes with, however there is only a handful that you need to know to get started. If you want to learn how to use it, you can visit their quick start guide which explains it clearly and concisely.



Head over to here and download these files. GitHub isn’t that great when it comes to downloading text files so alternatively, you can click on one of the files and view it as raw then make a new file in your desired text editor with the same name and file extension.

For example, you can copy the contents for buflist.conf by clicking raw and then copying all the text. From this, you can open up your text editor (eg: gedit) and create a file called buflist.conf.

Once you have both files (buflist.conf and weechat.conf), copy them to the folder located in ~/.weechat/. If you cannot find it, make sure you can see hidden files in your file manager. I would recommend that you don’t replace the existing files but instead rename the original ones to something else (eg: old-buflist.conf)

You are free to modify and redistribute it to your liking, have fun!