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TEKBYTE is about sharing technical knowledge to make computing fun again. From software to computer networks, there are easy-to-follow tutorials and articles that will help you get the most out of your computer.

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TEKBYTE also offers free and open-source Android apps that are designed to be easy to use and purpose-built for the task at hand. To see what else is available, you can visit my GitHub profile.


Mylist is a list app designed to be easy to use and stay out of your way. You can create a shopping lists, jot down ideas and so much more!


Spectrum is a room frequency response app designed to be easy to use while packing the features that are useful for audio and HiFi enthusiasts.


My other website where I write about more general things. It’s more of a portfolio than anything else so if you’re interested in what I do, check out berkd.com.


Social media isn’t my thing but if you want to follow me, follow me on Twitter and YouTube. I also have a Discord channel to discuss all-things tech!