Azure GTK Theme Released!

Recently, I came across a tool called Oomox which helps you make GTK themes. I wanted to make a theme that would suite me while being robust enough that elements don’t look out of place. I present to you the Azure GTK theme pack. It is based off Arc but […]

How To Enable exFAT Support on Fedora 31+

So exFAT is a type of file system which improves upon the well known FAT file system. If you ever used FAT before, you’ll know that there is a copy file size limit. So if you have a large USB, you’re better off with NTFS if you’re going to use […]

Make LibreOffice Perform Better in GNOME Wayland (Linux)

Recently I had this problem in LibreOffice Writer where I would scroll and the whole program would just lockup, the only workaround was to wait or resize the window. As it was related to graphics, after looking through the settings, I disabled the “Java runtime environment” and the issue is […]

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Mylist is now LIVE!

I’m proud to announce that Mylist is now officially live on the Play Store! It can also be downloaded as a standalone APK file from here. Mylist is a list app designed to be easy to use and stay out of your way. You can create a shopping list, quickly […]